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1st WEST KENT Was 1st Woolwich    
  August 1892 All Saints Plumstead June 1953
  Dec 1925 All Saints L.B.T. May 1962
2nd WEST KENT Was 1st Blackheath St Johns, Blackheath  
  Jan 1894    
3rd WEST KENT Was 1st Tonbridge (See now 1st Plumstead)  
  Feb 1895 St Peters, Tunbridge Wells May 1900
  Mar 1901 Woolwich Congregational Church Oct 1950
  Oct 1956 Upper Belvedere Methodist Church May 1965
  Jan 1968 West Woolwich Baptist Church Nov 1971
  Mar 1978 Blackheath & Charlton Baptist Church Aug 1981
    (See also 6th West Kent)  
  Sep 2006 United Reformed Church, Charlton  
  sep 2009 East Plumstead Baptist Church  
4th WEST KENT Was 1st Tonbridge    
  Jan 1896 Y.M.C.A.Tonbridge Dec 1896
  May 1898 Y.M.C.A.Tonbridge Dec 1900
  Apr 1901 Congregational Church, Anerley Jun 1911
  Jan 1914 St Mildreds, Lee Apr 1916
  Sep 1921 St Pauls, Greenwich Jun 1931
  Oct 1934 Peoples Hall, The Slade, Plumstead 1985
5th WEST KENT Was 1st Westcombe Park    
  Feb 1896 St Georges, Westcombe Park May 1908
    (See also 11th West Kent)  
  Jan 1912 St Johns, Woolwich Jun 1965
  Feb 1976 St James, Bexley 1995
6th WEST KENT Was 2nd Tunbridge Wells    
  Mar 1896 Emmanuel Church, Tunbridge Wells May 1901
  1904 Congregational Church, Swanley Aug 1906
  Oct 1908 Penge Dec 1915
  Nov 1921 St Pauls Plumstead Dec 1939
  Jul 1948 Blackheath & Charlton Baptist Church Jun 1950
    (See also 3rd West Kent)  
  May 1953 Blackheath & Charlton Baptist Church Oct 1971
  Mar 1976 Baldwyns Park Baptist Church  
7th WEST KENT Was 1st Bexley    
  Mar 1896 St Marys, Bexley Jun 1913
  Apr 1919 Roberts St Methodist Church, Plumstead (was BLB Company) Oct 1947
  Jul 1957 Crayford Baptist Church Joined with the 17th WK Jun 1964
  Nov 1971 St James, Kidbrooke Aug 1981
  Sep 1998 Crayford Baptist Church  
8th WEST KENT Was 1st Southborough    
  Jul 1896 St Peters, Southborough Jun 1899
  Sep 1902 Parish Church, Crockenhill Jun 1903
  Nov 1907 St Pauls, North Heath Jun 1915
  Nov 1938 St Johns, Welling Aug 1979
9th WEST KENT Was 1st Bexleyheath    
  Oct 1896 Christchurch, Bexleyheath (see also 14th West Kent) Nov 1897
  1902   Aug 1906
  Feb 1908 Congregational Church, St Marys Cray Jun 1917
  May 1934 St Andrews, Mottingham Oct 1944
  Dec 1945 Baptist Church Sidcup became 2nd C&D eb 1960
  Nov 1972 Methodist Church Belvedere Aug 1982
    Cage Lane F.I.E.C, Plumstead  
10th WEST KENT Was 2nd Blackheath    
  Apr 1897 Wesleyan Mission, Blackheath May 1903
  Nov 1912 Methodist Church, Bromley Jun 191
  Dec 1924 Congregational Church Sevenoaks Became 1st C&D Oct 1944
  Nov 1951 Mission Hall, West Greenwich Jan 1954
  Mar 1957 F.I.E.C, Coldharbour L.B.Team Nov 1964
  Jul 1962 F.I.E.C, Coldharbour May 1968
11th WEST KENT Was 1st Hildenborough    
  Nov 1897 St Johns, Hildenborough Dec 1915
  Feb 1918 St Georges, Westcombe Park (See also 5th West Kent) Jun 1919
  May 1925 Ascension Church, Plumstead Jun 1928
  Mar 1929 Congregational Church, Swanley Jun 1931
  Oct 1934 Baptist Church, Orpington Became 3rd C&D Oct 1944
  Feb 1958 Baptist Church, East Greenwich May 1964
12th WEST KENT Was 2nd Orpington    
  Dec 1897 All Saints, Orpington Mar 1899
  Sep 1902 All Saints, Orpington Aug 1907
  Nov 1908 Parish Church, North Woolwich Dec 1911
  May 1924 Methodist Church, North Woolwich Dec 1929
  Oct 1931 Baptist Church Plumstead, New Woolwich Central Baptist Church Aug 2005
13th WEST KENT Was 1st Erith    
  Jan 1898 Christchurch, Erith May 1900
  May 1924 Westmount Methodist Church, Plumstead (B.L.B.) Jan 1929
  Jan 1935 Methodist Church, Chislehurst Became 4th C&D Oct 1944
14th WEST KENT Sep 1899 Baptist Church, Erith (See also 29th West Kent) Aug 1902
  Sep 1904 Christchurch, Bexleyheath (See also 9th West Kent)  
15th WEST KENT Nov 1900 Presbyterian Church, Woolwich New Road May 1911
  Jan 1914 Congregational Church, Belvedere May 1917
  Mar 1924 Presbyterian Church, Woolwich Jul 1932
  Jan 1939 Baptist Free Church, Coney Hill Became 6th C&D Oct 1944
  Oct 2008 Christian Life Centre, Thamesmead Aug 2010
16th WEST KENT Dec 1907 Y.M.C.A. Tonbridge May 1914
  Jul 1921 Burrage Green (B.L.B.) Oct 1934
  Jul 1940 Welling Baptist Church Aug 2016
17th WEST KENT Feb 1925 Baptist Church, Silvertown Dec 1929
  Nov 1933 Christchurch, Dartford Jul 1985
18th WEST KENT Nov 1908 Christchurch, Sidcup May 1911
  Oct 1925 Baptist Church, North Heath  
19th WEST KENT Apr 1926 Congregational Church, North Woolwich (B.L.B.) May 1933
  Jun 1941 Baptist Church, Elmstead Lane Became 5th C&D Oct 1944
  Nov 1959 Baptist Church Dartford Jul 1970
20th WEST KENT Oct 1927 Congregational Church, Welling Mar 1931
  Mar 1942 Maranatha, Falconwood Oct 1958
  Aug 2009 Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup  
21ST WEST KENT Nov 1927 St Marks Presbyterian, Greenwich May 1931
  Mar 1932 St Marks Presbyterian, Greenwich Mar 1937
  Nov 1942 Baptist Church Park Road Bromley Became 8th C&D Oct 1944
  Sep 1988 Congregational Church, Belvedere Jul 1992
22nd WEST KENT Apr 1928 Methodist Church Belvedere (See also 9th West Kent) Jun 1940
  May 1942 L.C.Mission, Greenwich Jun 1947
  May 1955 Eltham Park Methodist Church
23rd WEST KENT Jul 1928 Baptist Church Belvedere Jun 1940
  Apr 1950 Baptist Church Belvedere Nov 1969
  Sep 1970 Baptist Church Belvedere Jun 1973
24th WEST KENT Oct 1929 Primitive Methodist, Orpington Feb 1935
  Nov 1942 Methodist Church Bromley Common Became 9th C&D Oct 1944
25th WEST KENT Jan 1930 Baptist Mission, H Dartford Jan 1933
  Dec 1942 Full Gospel Hall, Dartford Jun 1943
26th WEST KENT Oct 1930 Baptist Church Slade Green May 1940;
  Oct 1941 Baptist Church Slade Green Aug 1982
  Oct 1982 Baptist Church Slade Green Jul 1983
27th WEST KENT Aug 1931 St Georges Mission, Greenwich Jun 1935
  May 1943 Central Hall, Deptford Jun 1944
28th WEST KENT Jan 1932 Working Lads Ins, Greenwich Jun 1935
  Nov 1943 Eltham Park Baptist Church  
29th WEST KENT Nov 1943 Baptist Church, Footscray Became 10th C&D Oct 1944
  Jul 1967 Baptist Church Erith (see also 14th West Kent) Jul 1990
30th WEST KENT Mar 1944 Methodist Church Sidcup, Became 11th C&D Oct 1944
  Jun 1965 Northend Mission Erith linked to 29th West Kent Jul 1967;
1st KIDBROOKE Dec 2014 RCCG House of Praise, One space  
2nd LEWISHAM May 2014 RCCG Faith Chapel London (Bellingham)  
61st LONDON Dec 1928 Baptist Church Lewisham S.E. London Battn  
  Aug 1947 Due to Bombing moved to Central Hall Greenwich Closing date unknown but prior to 1947
    West Greenwich Mission Hall 1961
1st PLUMSTEAD Was 3rd West Kent    
  Sep 2013 East Plumstead Baptist Church  


Companies marked in red are no longer running.

C & D = Chislehurst and District now Bromley Battalion
B.L.B. = Boys Life Brigade now Junior Section

Current ages of our Companies according to the history as at June 2010 :

2nd - 116
3rd - 4
6th - 34
7th - 12
14th - 106
16th - 70
18th - 85
20th - 1
22nd - 55
28th - 67

I am grateful to the following who have contributed to this document. The late John Finn West Kent Battalion Secretary. Stephen Lane Brigade Honorary Vice President. John Monk West Kent Battalion President.

I hope you have as much fun and interest in looking at our past as I have in reproducing this document. Malcolm Smith Battalion Vice President. June 2010.

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